Beater Bike Classic


Beater is the city bicycle in its purest and naked form. No frills, nothing silly. Just a strong steel frame, the perfect number of gears (either one or three), and upright riding position, and a rack to carry stuff with. Beater comes complete with a double kickstand, mudguards, and a chainguard to keep those pants free of oil. Great for college kids or anyone who just wants to get around and can only afford a Beater.


  • Steel Frame
  • Front and rear racks
  • Front and rear fenders in matte black
  • Available as a single speed coaster brake hub or 3-speed Sturmey Archer coaster hub
  • Matte green frame
  • Double kickstand
  • Double walled alloy rims
  • Single speed MSRP $299.00.
  • Three speed MSRP $399.00.