Shop Rides

The Flying Pigeon LA bike shop has hosted all sorts of bike rides and events throughout the years.

Our rides are led by someone from the Flying Pigeon LA crew, are free of charge, and open to anyone who would like to join (except for mean people).

Kids and young adults are welcome to join but are required to wear a helmet during the rides as we are in the State of California, which requires them on people under 18 years of age.

Our regular rides are usually a great opportunity to bring a date or a friend on a bicycle adventure. We use these rides to help spread the idea that bike riding is a normal, fun, thing to do in the city (it is!).

These rides are also a good time to check out the beautiful bikes and accessories we sell.

We can effect quick repairs before the ride starts, but please do not expect a complete tune-up in the fifteen minutes before the ride starts. Bring your bike in early, or the day before, if it needs some heavy duty repair and we'll get it rolling in time for the ride.

Our regular rides:

Ride Calendar

Private Bike Tours

Have a group and want to arrange a private tour with us? Need a bunch of bikes for a ride you are planning? Send us an email with your ideas and we can find a way to make this work. We can supply groups of up to 15 people with bikes and guides, and have done larger groups when give a month's notice.